HIKARI’s performance is the result of more than 30 years of product research, development and professional car care chemical exploration.

HIKARI team strives to exceed customers’ expectations by continuous re-shaping and development of our superior automotive and house hold care products, and provide an unequalled total support to our customers. Through constant research and development we are lifting raising your property value chemicals and products to new heights.
Hikari’ success is based on the research and development of new products, regardless of genre.
Hikari is 100% made in Japan and bares the world class trusted brand of quality. Through excellence and dedication we remain 100% committed to our product and will continue to amaze by bringing superior car care products to the industry. 


HIKARI PRO is HIKARI’s top of the range coating. HIKARI PRO amalgamates the capabilities and functions of different types of coatings in one coating. HIKARI PRO is a hybrid coating, which means that it uses multiple layers of different coatings. It has an amazing 10H+ hardness rating.

Its base coat is a super hard, high protection layer whilst its topcoat is an inorganic hard glass coating with a unique self-repair function. The HIKARI PRO, has the capability to self-repair micro scratches and micro swirls as from 32 degrees. Its means, a clean HIKARI PRO coated paint will start regenerating in the sun by itself.

HIKARI PRO is super hydrophobic for clean car look & easy washing and leaves a deep wet look gloss for many years. The best long-term coating you can choose.

HIKARI PRO is a Long Term 5-years plus No Wax UV Protection Coating.


HIKARI SAPHIRE is an amazing high luminosity coating. It is an inorganic hard glass coating which leaves a sleek feel and deep wet look. It is amazingly hydrophobic and will make any paint glossier than normal. HIKARI SAPHIRE is the perfect value for money coating for owners who change vehicle within 3 years. Easy washing and deep gloss are theparticularities of this coating.

HIKARI is also an adapted coating for plastics, Matt/Satin Finish, Paint Protection film and vinyl. Id applied the quoted supports, HIKARI SAPHIRE will provide amazing color uniformity, super hydrophobicity and UV protection.

HIKARI SAPHIRE is a 5-year No Wax UV Protection Coating.


HIKARI DIAMOND is an amazing product for those looking for a Natural look. HIKARI Diamond is a hard type inorganic coating rated 9H+ scratch resistance. It has hydrophobic easy washing and self-cleaning capabilities. HIKARI DIAMOND is the perfect coating to keep the NEW CAR, Natural look shine, whilst making washing super easy.

HIKARI DIAMOND is a 5-years No Wax UV Protection Coating.


HIKARI MOTORCYCLE is a specially formulated multi surface coating to adapt to different types of support like plastic, rubber, paint, vinyl, leather, often present on a motorbike. Its has also been formulated to resist higher temperatures, often generated by a bike’s engine or exhaust.

HIKARI MOTORCYCLE is also super hydrophobic. It will make glossy areas for glossier and will provide to matt/satin finishes more uniform.

HIKARI MOTORCYCLE is a 3-year No Wax UV Protection Coating.


HIKARI Bicycle is a specially formulated multi surface coating for outdoor and UV Protection storage. Bicycles are often exposed to hard UV rays and prone to discoloration. HIKARI BYCICLE is also super hydrophobic to keep the clean look last longer. It will also prevent the formation of rust.

HIKARI BYCICLE is a 5-years UV Protection Coating.


HIKARI FABRIC coating is a specially designed coating for fabrics, suedes, Alcantara, carpets, cloth and Convertible Soft Tops. It also helps to reduce absorption of liquids, causing stains and protects against UV discoloration.

HIKARI FABRIC is the perfect partner to slow ageing of fabrics. Nano technology now enables treated fibers to be more resistant without compromising softness and plushness.


HIKARI LEATHER is now available. HIKARI has spent years of research to provide a Leather coating which will not block the pores of any treated leather. Leather is a living material which needs to breathe. HIKARI Leather coating will give super hydrophobic capabilities to treated leather, without compromising the feel and smell of leather.

HIKARI Leather also eases cleaning without hard rubbing, in combination with HIKARI Leather Conditioner and patented NANO brush.


HIKARI Air & Marine Coating specially designed to protect against UV rays and discoloration.

HIKARI Air coatings will provide super dirt repellent capabilities and enhanced UV Protection, as Aircrafts are often prone to extended sun exposition in high altitude flights.

HIKARI Marine coatings will keep your vessel like brand new. Specially formulated coating, with integrated anti mold function will avoid apparition of floating lines and attached from salted water.

The best protection for your marine vessel or your aircraft.


HIKARI ALLOY STAR is a specially formulated high temperature coating. Alloy wheels often rise in temperature because of braking friction. HIKARI Alloy Star has been formulated to remain stable in water and oil/brake dust repellency within a wide temperature operation range.

HIKARI ALLOY STAR will protect you alloy wheel from chemical aggressions and make cleaning easier.


HIKARI BLACK STAR is a long-lasting tire dressing. It will not fade out after washing or rainfall. Its carbon silicone structure makes its non-sticky and long lasting.


HIKARI ANTIRAIN is a remarkable glass coating. It repels rain and improves visibility and efficiency of wiper blades. Its also reduces glare at night and repels oily deposits. It has an amazing resistance to wiper friction and can last up to 12 months and even more for side windows.

A real MUST coating.


HIKARI CONDITIONER is specially designed to boost Ceramic Coatings. Made from a special electrified fusion of chemicals, HIKARI conditioner is a rapid application process to restore and boost hydrophobic effects whilst leaving a deep luster. HIKARI CONDITIONER also helps prevent water spotting.

HIKARI CONDITIONER is recommended every 2-3 months.


HIKARI LEATHER CLEANER does not contain any abrasive detergents, solvents, petrol or white spirit. However, it rapidly and powerfully cleans any type of leather. HIKARI LEATHER CLEANER will bring back the original look and feel of any kind of leather.

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